Chapter 7

Evelyn sat in front of the mirror in her ruby gown as her lady’s maid added diamond pins throughout her upswept hair.

“I’m done my lady. Do you want to where your chandelier diamond earrings?” Continue reading

Chapter 6

The final round of the archery tournament was underway, and still nothing about Prince Philip. Thad had done his share of complaining, but her father had held firm. Thad was now sulking in some pub somewhere, and Evelyn wasn’t sure if she should be excited or worried because his man had still been allowed to compete.

Lily’s squeal of excitement pulled Evelyn from her thoughts. The girl jumped up and pulled on her arm. “Did you see what he just did?” Continue reading

Chapter 5

Evelyn stood in front of her mirror. The neckline was as high as she could get it, which wasn’t saying much.

In addition to flirting with suitors today, Evelyn wanted to get through breakfast. Knowing Prince Philip would be seated next to her at the table put a stone in the pit of her stomach. Continue reading

Chapter 4

Sitting at tea and catching up with Richard had been a treat. Although Pierce had glared at them at times and Sven was a little too interested in her cleavage, she had still enjoyed herself. She knew as time went on, she would be bombarded with eligible bachelors arriving for her birthday celebration extravaganza.

Evelyn sighed. She was supposed to be relaxing in her room, but she couldn’t help staring out the window and thinking. What was she going to do with all the attention? Continue reading

Chapter 3

“My assistant is currently finishing with Queen Maria. I wanted to tend personally to you, my dear friend,” Lisette said as she came back into the room.

“You do realize, you could have put me in the other dressing room. I do know how get myself undressed,” Evelyn responded before realizing she was in a room full of men. “Excuse me,” she murmured, blushing as she walked into the next room with Lisette. Continue reading

Chapter 1

One of the many perks of being a princess was being able to rise whenever one wanted. However, as dawn broke and streams of light began to gently touch the horizon, Evelyn knew today would not be one of those days.

Today signaled a months long celebration leading up to her 25th birthday. Normally this meant nothing, but Princess Evelyn Marie Douglas Van Der Burg-Grey III was to come into a rather large inheritance — her own kingdom. Continue reading

The Journey Begins

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