Chapter 17

Evelyn sat with Richard in her box alone. John and Ian were stationed outside, while Evan watched Lily during her nap.

Robert and Peter had finished their matches in this final day of sword fighting, which has surprised Evelyn because she had thought it was to go one more day. Evelyn had expected them to join her, but they must have had other things to do. Continue reading

Chapter 16

“What the hell happened during tea?” King Reginald demanded as soon as Pierce closed the door.

“Evelyn had made room for me at the table, Prince Philip got jealous, and as Evelyn was pouring my tea, he rammed his shoulder into me. I lurched forward and hit the teacup and saucer, causing the hot liquid to spill all over her,” Pierce reported matter of factly. Continue reading

Chapter 15

Pierce was sitting in his room drinking scotch. The doctor had come and gone. He had been lucky the guy hadn’t hit him squarely in his cut, but it had been close enough to leave him seeing stars and reopen part of his wound.

There was a soft knock on the door. Probably one of the maids. He told them he would be down for high tea, but there may have been a miscommunication. Continue reading

Chapter 14

Breakfast was a dismal affair. Instead of eating with everyone else, the King, Queen, and their children ate in the private dining room.

Of course, the situation was made even more awkward with the addition of Pierce, Peter, Robert, John, and Ian. Evelyn sighed before carefully sipping her tea. Her mother had ignored her when she had added sausage to her plate. Continue reading

Chapter 13

The woman was telling Mrs. Springfield about the stuck up noble bitch as they came out the door. Both woman descended the steps to stand in front of her. The nameless woman looking smug, like something big was going to happen.

“You requested to speak to me because you want the child’s things returned to her?” Mrs. Springfield asked. Continue reading

Adding another story

Hello everyone and happy Monday! I’m super excited to announce another project.

Every week I try to add two chapters of The Queen’s Men, now I will be adding an additional story – Timing Is Everything. It is my hope that Timing Is Everything will become a serial story. That being said, I will try to continue to add two chapters a week of The Queen’s Men up and one chapter a week of Timing Is Everything.

I am currently working on another project and trying to write the end of the Queen’s Men, while juggling my day job. So while I’m excited to post my stories for your enjoyment, as I work on these three projects, I may be adjusting the days things are posted in order to find a rhythm.

Thank you guys for all your support!

Chapter 11

“I look like a prostitute, Jessica,” Evelyn flatly stated as she looked in the mirror. “Could you please find me another gown?”

“Her Majesty pulled me aside on my way up and insisted you wear the silver linen morning gown. She’ll have my neck if you’re not wearing it,” Jessica fretted. Continue reading

Chapter 10

“Where is Lily? She was looking forward to this event,” Evelyn inquired to Ian.

“No one knows, Your Highness. Her governess and all her things are gone,” Ian replied.

“That’s extremely odd. Can you please,” Evelyn was cut off by a disturbance to the side of her box. One man was trying to push his way into the box, while John and Evan pushed him back. Continue reading

Chapter 9

Evelyn slowly woke. She had the strangest dream. Pierce had climbed into bed with her and she had been deliciously warm all night long.

Evelyn let out a small sigh, and stretched. Or rather she would have if not for the solid form next to her. Evelyn slowly opened her eyes to find Pierce watching her. Continue reading