Heart Work – Chapter Four

The sun was high in sky as Collin pulled up to the dilapidated remains of his childhood home. He had known his mom had been struggling with some of the maintenance, he just hadn’t realized that meant all the maintenance.

Collin got out of the car and took in the peeling paint and front porch, which was struggling to hang onto the main house. Collin could see into the house through the holes in the siding and the roof didn’t look much better. Continue reading

Chapter 22

“How could you, you sick bastard! You disgust me, Thad. I can’t believe you of all people would attempt such a despicable crime,” Evelyn spat at him.

Thad’s face was thunderous, he grabbed Evelyn by the arm and threw her across the room into a wall, before pinning her there. “How dare you slap me, you little cock tease!” Continue reading

Chapter 21

A frantic knock one the door startled Pierce from his sleep. He quickly made his way to the door while Evelyn stirred in the bed.

Pierce opened the door to find a distraught Lisette, tears streaming down her face. “Lisette?” Pierce was surprised to see the woman. She usually sent some form of missive announcing her visits, however, she was clearly distressed. Continue reading

Chapter 19

Evelyn froze on the boards. “Keep going, Evie! She can’t find us,” Pierce hissed from behind her.

Evelyn was so distracted by her mother’s continuous knocking and commands, as well as her anxiety over being four stories off the ground, that she misstepped and started falling forward. Continue reading

Chapter 18

Pierce had watched Evelyn leave her box with Richard after her Mother’s remark. He went upstairs to his room to clean up and change. There were still a few hours before dinner, so Pierce decided to climb up his balcony onto Evelyn’s.

She was sitting in front of the fireplace looking pale and withdrawn with her arms around her legs. He could tell she had been crying. Suddenly her face crumbled and Evelyn started sobbing into her legs. Continue reading

Chapter 17

Evelyn sat with Richard in her box alone. John and Ian were stationed outside, while Evan watched Lily during her nap.

Robert and Peter had finished their matches in this final day of sword fighting, which has surprised Evelyn because she had thought it was to go one more day. Evelyn had expected them to join her, but they must have had other things to do. Continue reading

Chapter 16

“What the hell happened during tea?” King Reginald demanded as soon as Pierce closed the door.

“Evelyn had made room for me at the table, Prince Philip got jealous, and as Evelyn was pouring my tea, he rammed his shoulder into me. I lurched forward and hit the teacup and saucer, causing the hot liquid to spill all over her,” Pierce reported matter of factly. Continue reading

Chapter 15

Pierce was sitting in his room drinking scotch. The doctor had come and gone. He had been lucky the guy hadn’t hit him squarely in his cut, but it had been close enough to leave him seeing stars and reopen part of his wound.

There was a soft knock on the door. Probably one of the maids. He told them he would be down for high tea, but there may have been a miscommunication. Continue reading

Chapter 14

Breakfast was a dismal affair. Instead of eating with everyone else, the King, Queen, and their children ate in the private dining room.

Of course, the situation was made even more awkward with the addition of Pierce, Peter, Robert, John, and Ian. Evelyn sighed before carefully sipping her tea. Her mother had ignored her when she had added sausage to her plate. Continue reading